The consequences I refer to are the financial shifts which are beginning to occur in the global economy. Our world turns relatively slowly but financial changes can be fast and unexpected.  In my last letter I wrote about the massive money printing underway by central banks around the world. It took 2000 years to reach $100 […]

Money printing is running hot

The subject line of this post is not entirely accurate. We live in a modern era and the printing press of old is no longer required. Certainly not to create money. We now occupy a digital world. This enables governments to simply create money electronically. Although this process is described as “printing money” no physical […]

A World Poised

13/07/21 My heart and prayers today lie with all the citizens of South Africa who have chosen the side of civilised decency and have made a decision to stand against the orgy of violence and looting which is sweeping across large areas of the country. The political and security leaders have proved yet again that […]

14 July 2020

The corona virus is still disrupting local and global markets. You will have noticed that we supply a wide range of premium products, all at the best prices available in the UK. In order to provide these excellent prices we have established a diverse supply chain. Our primary focus is to protect your investment and […]

20 June 2020

The situation is slowly improving and we are slowly returning to normal trading conditions, although we still have a 28 day lead time on some of the products. Sales: Stock levels are starting to return to normal levels, although please continue to check stock availability before placing orders. Deliveries – resumed with ongoing delays Our […]

5 April 2020

Thank you for your patience our team is working long hours to ensure that we return to normal sales and distribution as soon as possible. Sales: We continue to work to ensure that our stock levels are maintained, however, this is still a challenge and some items remain out of stock. Deliveries – resuming shortly: […]

20 March 2020

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, and the increased demand for bullion products has increased significantly and we are working hard to maintain stock levels.  The team is working at as hard as possible to maintain stock levels and we will continue to provide the highest possible service levels. Please ensure that you check the […]